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The Gods of Dark Swell: Champions of the Realm

A new world has been created—the world of Dark Swell, a blank canvas for those who will be chosen to compete in a game greater than any in the known universe. Six have been chosen to nurture and protect a realm of their own. Six have been tasked to select a race of their own to grow and make strong. They are the gods of Dark Swell, and they are battling for a prize beyond imagining.

The Gods of Dark Swell: The Western Realm

The Western Realm is awakening, as they prepare to launch their armies against the forest of the elves and the lands of men. Meanwhile, the surly old dwarf Brindel has found and secured the idol of gold.  But what does it mean for him and what does it mean for the remaining champions and those gamers who have crafted their destinies? As a reward, or simply to add spice to an already enthralling game, the creator has suddenly changed the.....